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A number of outlines, overviews, articles are made available below:

Seven Churches of Asia

A general overview and introduction to the subject of the Seven Churches of Asia and the book of Revelation was prepared in a power point format. Click below to view. It covers the plan, presentation, purpose, penman, promises, prophecy, partakers, and person in the book.

The Book of Acts

In this section you will find  the following: an overview of Acts covering off some important themes; teaching on the historic feast of Pentecost and its typical teaching fulfilled in Acts 2, instruction in regards to tongues speaking and a few charts and overviews in regards to spiritual gifts. There are a number of comments also regarding the difference between talent and gift.

The Ark of the Covenant

A subject full of the person of Christ.  Explore the subject under the following headings: The majesty, mention, makers, memorials, materials, movement, and measurements of the ark.  The power point was amplified by the accompanying teaching at the time,  but may prove to be of interest to our visitors.

The Book of Ruth

Some slides prepared in overview of the lovely book of Ruth.  Notes the setting, spiritual teaching, significance of names and the study, as the book can be enjoyed applied dispensationally, devotionally, typically and evangelically.

The Christian Assembly

An introduction to the 7 meetings of the assembly beginning with an overview of certain points such as the meaning of assembly, the magnetism of an assembly (the Lord Jesus Christ our gathering center), the marks of an assembly, (one being considered of many – non-denominational), the metaphors of an assembly, and finally the meetings of an assembly.

Mary Magdalene

What about The Da Vinci Code and the Gospel of Mary? The intro within this article provides some comments on information sources that are spurious or scriptural in relation to Mary and some helpful links to more comprehensive articles on the above works.  A contemplation of Mary Magdalene concludes this article under the headings of Mary’s Deliverance, Mary’s Duty, Mary’s Devotion, and Mary’s Distinction.

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