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“Syllabus for Saints” – Starts Monday!

Everyone is welcome to come out and hear Dr. Sandy Higgins teach from 1 Corinthians!  This special series of presentations begins Monday June 31 through to Friday June 3. If you’re from the Murrayville community – come on out! No collection, no pressure, just come and hear some good Bible teaching. We would love to get to know you.

In a time when it’s so hard to decipher what is real versus what is fake – we have this constant, the bedrock foundation of truth as found in God’s inspired word – the BIBLE.

Join us each night Monday – Friday. Start time is 7:30 PM.  (The reference to “assembly” is another word/way of referring to a church.)

Chapter ReferenceTopic Title
MondayChapter 1The Ground of the Assembly
TuesdayChapter 3The Growth of an Assembly
WednesdayChapter 11The Glory of an Assembly
ThursdayChapters 12-14Gifts and the Assembly
FridayChapter 13Grace and the Assembly
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